Saturday, June 23, 2012

Changes, Changes, Changes

Changes, changes, changes....the future seems to be full of them.  First, notice the blog's name change (somehow I think this is only a first draft).  I guess have totally thought it out and I'm jumping into my love of butterflies. It's one of the first units we teach and I'm in awe of the whole life cycle process.  I don't know who really gets more excited about our Butterfly unit me or the Firsties.  Now to figure out how to change the blog's layout and web address.  Add another change!

Changes, changes...Second, it's time to revamp the classroom.  In Kindergarten, it was about bears. The last two years, I shifted slightly to expand to bears and bees.  This coming year another shift...bees and butterflies.  I know, I know...but I have the cutest yellow bee pattern curtains.  But if I find some bright and cheerful butterfly material...I may have to "retire" the bee curtains.  Typical teacher..."retire" not "get rid of".  I've been all over Pinerest and blog stalking through Teaching Blog Addict to see some really GREAT organization ideas...which leads into my last change.

That list of summer projects just got longer.  Guess that's why it's Summer.

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