Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On the move

What a year!! I've been so busy wrapped up in teaching and classroom management that, yes, I've totally neglected writing and posting ANYTHING!!  And on top of all of the typical classroom running around, I've been transferred from 1st grade to Early Fives!  Early Fives? Yes, Early littlest of the littles.  How do I feel about it?  YEAH!!! No more hours and hours and hours and hours of more slacking on art more frustrating days of teaching concepts my kiddos aren't ready for...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? EARLY FIVES??? What in the world am I going to teach?  I'm all about  the kiddos exceed their writing kiddos love to write about kiddos talk and share deeply about their reading and writing..UGH!!  WHOOHOO!! Art projects...playdoh...watercolors...puzzles...reading books to littles...hands-on...hand-on...hands-on...teaching themes again!! WHAT DO MEAN I HAVE TO PACK AND MOVE MY CLASSROOM??  Books everywhere...boxes stacked in my garage...dig deep in storage for all my Kinder books and materials...oh,'s been a roller coaster ride.  Now...changing my blog once again..this time, I think it's starting over.. a new site, a new blog.  Early Five's in the Hive.  Good a the planning and getting it up in for a post letting you know it's up in running.

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