Sunday, May 27, 2012

Where Oh Where Have I Been?

I'm still out here in bloggingland...just a little a lot over whelmed for the past months. And the list of "to dos" was so huge that my blog seemed to be on the bottom every day, every week, eventually every month.
I've been overwhelmed with teaching, testing and being sick!  It seemed that if my Firsties weren't passing something to classmates then it was to me.  I even was so sick at my favorite reading conference that it was an early trip home.  I have never--and I mean--NEVER been so sick during a school year.  They were starting to know me by name at the local walk-in clinic--well, not really but close.

Now, back on track with the blog. 

Some interesting and GREAT things are happening:
  1. ALL of my Firstie met my school's reading goal!!!  Yes, every single one....100%!!  Even my lowest Firsties reached it!! 
  2. Next year I'll have two new teaching partners.  Big changes across my district with buildings closing and one building repurposed so major staff changes.
  3. My yearly evaluation is behind me...highly effective! WOO HOO!!
But the best....summer is just around the corner!  Planning is already underway for next year.  So this gets me wondering..when do you start planning and what is the one area you will be focusing on?

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