Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I need to relax. Just stop my teacher brain and relax.  But how can I with all of the great things pinned on Pinerest and all of those great blogs out there?  UGH!  My flash drive is in my computer and I have just downloaded at least 5 great ideas/free activities for next year.  And I keep thinking about the changes I want to make for next year.  Do I want to keep my Bees theme?  Do I want to dive into a Butterfly theme? Do I even want to change the name of this blog to be about Butterflies? How am I going to change my home school note books--and let me tell you I've seen a really great idea!  When can I get to Ikea to get some great supplies that I've seen posted another blogs? Blog stalking at it's best.  My brain is going in all different directions.  And what about some of the great book studies going on?  How am I ever going to relax???  As one of my good friends always said at teacher needs until the end of June to relax. July to finally relax and August to gear back into teaching mode. I might just be a model of that this year.

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